Painting beautiful loose style flowers in watercolor is a task that many of us struggle to reach due to composition rules and layering effects.
Often, in fact, we know that we want to paint bright and colorful flowers, but we don’t really know how to paint the petals in a loose, yet realistic style. On top, we might not know where to place the leaves and the whole process of painting becomes a struggle.

For this reason, I have decided to outline the process of painting this floral piece. I keep it quite simple, creating just a few flowers and framing them with loose style leaves. What you’ll learn from this tutorial is applicable to any loose style floral composition you might want to paint next.

Get ready with your watercolor supplies, the fun part starts now!

How to Paint This Basic Loose Style Flower Piece in Watercolor

00:00 Intro
00:20 Flowers – first layer
05:46 Leaves – first layer
08:10 Leaves – second layer
10:09 Flowers – second layer
15:14 Additional leaves
16:20 Center of flowers

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