My Story

My watercolor journey started quite recently. 

I clearly remember the first time I thought I wanted to give watercolor a try – it was a Saturday afternoon and I was having lunch while watching a video on YouTube of a woman living in South Korea who spent part of her afternoon painting.

Don’t ask me what clicked in me, but after watching those few minutes I thought I wanted to give painting a try for myself, and out of the blue, I decided watercolor was going to be the medium for me to try.

I immediately researched watercolor tutorials and what watercolor supplies to have, and from there, step-by-step I started to paint in watercolor.

I have never been an artistic person, but I have always loved art in all of its forms and shapes.

I studied classical subjects in high school in Italy, and the history of art was a topic that I dedicated many hours per week to studying and getting familiar with.

When I had to pick a path at my university, I decided to match this passion for art with my scientific mindset (yeah, I was not very good with Greek and Latin in high school!). 

I decided to study Restoration of Cultural Heritage in Venice, and this choice gave me the opportunity to constantly be connected to art in all of its forms. 

But my passion for art does not only come from my studies, as it’s also something highly rooted in my family as well.

Since I was a little kid, I can remember my parents (and in particular my father) were always in love with European history and its art. I also remember traveling all over Italy and France with my parents and admiring all the churches we encountered, the frescoes, statues, and in general museums we stumbled upon during our holidays. 

I realize just now how much this passion of my parents for the history of art has had an impact on my own development.

This said, I never thought I had an artistic “gift”. 

I always thought that I just had a scientific mindset (you know, being good with numbers and being the organized sort of person), but I never thought I could paint.

When I grabbed the brushes and watercolors for the first time, I then realized that this hobby could develop into a passion quite quickly.

And in fact it did. I literally became obsessed with watercolor floral painting, to a point where I was looking for every free second from work to just paint.

Watercolor gives me the ability to just express myself and paint nature in the way I see it. I don’t feel the pressure of being perfect, I just feel I have infinite possibilities to feel free.

So far, flowers have been the subjects that speak to me the most.

I love the great opportunity of shapes and colors that I can experiment and express myself with. So, for now, this is what my watercolor art talks about the most.

After a few months of painting watercolor florals, I decided to start an Instagram account to share my developments and, in particular, to share my passion with as many people as possible. I somehow wanted to share how good watercolor made me feel and how this feeling could be accessible to many other people out there. 

As I kept refining my style and technique, my Instagram account kept growing and more people started engaging with me. I even got some requests to paint floral pieces to sell, which was something I never thought I could do.

I also started receiving questions on the techniques and materials I used, so I decided to start a YouTube channel because I thought this platform could give me a stronger voice and an opportunity to share my thoughts and love for watercolor painting in more detail.

It has been a great journey so far! My style is developing while my experience is growing and my knowledge is improving. I love how I’ve been able to be surrounded by so many encouraging people in such a short time already, and this keeps going.

Thank you for reading my story and being here. You can understand more about my story by watching this video.

I hope you can find all the resources (this website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) useful for your own watercolor journey growth in style and technique.

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