In this video, I reflect on my own watercolor journey and my style of painting.

When I first started taking the brushes in my hand, I painted all of my loose style watercolor flower paintings with only 1 layer.
I was taking advantage of the wet-on-wet technique to create beautiful blends of colors.

As my style evolved, I got more confident with adding more layers on my watercolor painting through the wet-on-dry technique.
This is now where I am at the moment, where I often add more layers on top of the first one to highlight shadows and give more definition to my paintings.

In this video, I compare the results of the same painting, without layers and with layers. I hope this video helps you to reflect on YOUR watercolor journey, where you’re at and where you started form.

Watercolor Loose Flowers Style – Best With or Without Layers?

00:00 Intro
01:23 Floral Bouquet – no layers
19:41 Floral Bouquet – adding layers

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