The first thing you should plan when you paint a loose style watercolor piece is where to add your main flowers. Do you want them collected all together in the center of the page? Or do you want them to follow a particular shape?

In this tutorial I explain you how to achieve one of the most simple and effective way to paint a floral piece that people will actually look at in its wholeness. I will also explain how to add layers on petals and leaves in order to give dimension and contrast to your floral compositions. Because we all strike to achieve a loose style flower composition, that is simple, yet captivating, don’t we?

Composition Rules & Layering Effects

00:00 Intro
00:20 Pink flowers – first layer
06:10 Yellow flowers – first layer
08:16 Stems and leaves
13:35 Pink flowers – second layer
18:33 Yellow flowers – second layer
19:30 Leaves – second layer
21:08 Center of flowers

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