Floral Art
Quick Start

Mastering Watercolor Flowers with Practical Answers to Your Toughest Challenges – Less Theory, More Results


If you’ve started your watercolor journey, but you still have many questions about creating your compositions, then this online course will guide you step-by-step with video training to achieve more confident results with practical exercises so that you can quickly learn by doing and save time.

I built this course specifically from my students’ feedback to focus on the top issues that limit the progress of beginner watercolor artists.

Does this sound like you?

πŸ™‹ I have trouble with flower & leaf placement
πŸ™‹ I need help with applying my layering techniques
πŸ™‹ I struggle with choosing the right colors to bring my florals to life
πŸ™‹ I need more practice putting full compositions together
πŸ™‹ I don’t have time to watch hours of repetitive drills

My interactive teaching style will address all of these issues by showing you how to paint instead of making you listen to dull, theoretical lectures.

I also made sure to fill this course with extra value by shaping each lesson into a full-page composition that helps reinforce your skills and make it fun to paint loose-style florals.

Best of all, I constructed this course with many short, easy-to-follow videos so that they can still fit into your busy schedule and fast-track you to becoming the artist you’ve always wanted to be.

Therefore, Floral Art Quick Start is the perfect all-in-one watercolor course that helps you rapidly improve through hands-on lessons with full compositions.

Get all of your answers without having to search through endless hours of YouTube videos.

Course Features

Real Results

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

🎨 Build confidence
on how to start & finish a composition

🎨 Enjoy
the process of painting & expressing yourself

🎨 Transform
dull blends into vibrant paintings

🎨 Master
the foundational techniques of watercolor

🎨 Be proud
and happy with your progress and your results

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Floral Art Quick Start


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βœ… FREE upgrades on all future course updates
βœ… 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee (below for details)

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Floral Art Quick Start –
with Personal Tutoring

βœ… Everything that is included in the standard package
βœ… Extra 1 hour of personal 1-on-1 assessment & tutoring from Luisa
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Full Course Curriculum

Introduction to Floral Art Quick Start

  • Course overview and supplies needed (1:59)

Chapter 1: Flowers & Leaf Placement

  • Full composition with hero flower and leaves (12:42)

Chapter 2: How to Build Layers

  • Full composition with wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry practice (14:36)

Chapter 3: Color Palette Selection

  • Full composition with color selection theory and contrasting warm and cool colors (15:35)

Chapter 4: Composition Tips

  • Full composition with roses and peonies (14:32)
  • Full composition with peonies and filling flowers (12:58)

Chapter 5: Let’s Paint Together

  • Full composition with bouquet of dahlia and daisies (15:59)
  • Full composition with flowers on branches (15:41)
  • Full composition with hydrangeas (15:14)


  • Thank you message (0:22)

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will enjoy Floral Art Quick Start that I want to remove any risk or doubts that you have by offering you a full 30 day money-back guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with content of this course, then just email me at within 30 days of your purchase date to receive a 100% refund.

About the Artist

Hi! My name is Luisa.

I’m a scientist-turned-artist from Italy and I love to paint in loose styles in watercolor. My hope is to inspire you and get you in touch with your creative side through art.

I am confident that anyone can pick up a brush and let the shapes flow to create beautiful art while having fun.

Let my calm, comprehensive teaching method lead you to new artistic heights. Follow your curiosity, unlock your creativity, and empower yourself through the experience of art!


Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level is this course ideal for?

This course is ideal for beginners who have started on their watercolor journey and have practiced a bit, but still don’t achieve consistent results. It is even suitable for true beginners who have never picked up a brush since my teaching style will take you through all the fundamentals as well.

How long will the course take?

There are officially two hours worth of video content within the course, but many students like to take their time to listen first and then paint, so it may take a little longer. But, every lesson that I have recorded is less than 20 minutes, so you can easily fit them into your painting schedule.

How do I access the course materials?

Floral Art Quick Start is hosted on Teachable and Udemy. They will handle your secure payment via credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay and will allow you to create an account to log onto their platform to access the course.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will be granted lifetime access to the course materials on Teachable or Udemy. Please note that β€œlifetime access” refers to the lifetime of the course or program and not the lifetime of the purchaser (You) or the lifetime of the Company.

What is included in extra 1 hour of personal 1-on-1 assessment & tutoring with Luisa?

If you select this package, I will provide you with a review of one of your previous works (or one of your paintings from this course) and then we will paint it again together. First, you send me a picture of your old work so that I can review it. Then, we set up a Zoom meeting so that I will give you my thoughts live on how I would approach the composition. Finally, we will repaint it together with me giving you step-by-step guidance. It is also possible to make this 1 hour a free painting session without an assessment of your previous work.

What supplies will I need for this course?

I recommend having a round brush, filbert brush, and flat brush alongside your choice of watercolor paper and a full color palette. Here is what I am currently using:

Round brush: Silver Black Velvet 3000S – size 6 or Princeton Heritage 4050 – size 6 or size 12
Filbert brush: Pro Arte Prolene Plus 009 – size 8 or Princeton Select – size 8
Flat brush: Princeton Aqua Elite 1/2″

Watercolor paper: Saunders Waterford St Cuthberts Mill cold pressed – 100% cotton or Arches cold pressed – 100% cotton

I mainly use watercolors in tube from Schmincke Horadam, but on my color palette there are also a few colors from Winsor and Newton Professional, and the color Azomethine Green Yellow from Van Gogh.

Remember to have on your desk a jar of clean water and a cloth to wash and dry up your brushes.

Please note, the product links above are affiliate links that pay me a small commission, at no extra cost for you. This enables me to keep working on projects like this one. Thank you for your support!

How is this course different from your free YouTube videos?

The major difference between Floral Art Quick Start and my YouTube videos is the level of depth of my guidance and instructions. In this course, I take you step-by-step through my own thoughts so that you understand the why and the how instead of just watching me paint and repeating it for yourself. Therefore, you can only find this level of detailed support from me in this course.

Can I receive a refund if I am not satisfied?

Floral Art Quick Start comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can receive a 100% refund of your money within 30 days of your purchase.

Floral Art Quick Start

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